Therapies Offered:

Relaxation Massage,
Deep tissue massage,
Injury rehabilitation Massage incl. post-operative,
Pre-sporting event preparation,
Post-sporting event recovery


Home Studio - SE16

About Zoltan

As well as delighting in spas, thermal springs, and massages from a young age, I've always enjoyed studying body dynamics - from playing music, to pursuing sports to watching people move around in the office. Over the long-term process of resolving a few injuries of my own - a journey that led me around the Far East for over a year - I was surprised at the lack of hands-on, systematic, manual treatment offered by the otherwise very expert practitioners I saw. When I finally found the rare people who were willing to get stuck in, I was inspired to learn the art so that I could help others in a similar way.

Whether you're after general relaxation or addressing a specific issue, I look forward to working with you.


“Like many people these days, I spend too much time sitting behind a computer, with disastrous consequences for my back and arms.  Zoltan not only fixed the loss of sensation I had in my fingers, but also tackled deep-rooted muscle knots causing me stiffness and pain.  To help prevent recurrence of these problems, Zoltan showed me how to stretch properly – something I now religiously do.”  DS

“Zoltan is a very skilled masseur who puts his clients at ease.  He has a deep understanding of fascia and muscles and was able to get to the cause of my problem very quickly and effectively.  He is the only masseur I know who incorporates visualization into his massages which I think helps the client to participate more deeply in the healing process and also to continue getting the benefit of a massage after it is over.”  MT

“I am so very thankful to Zoltan for helping me to relieve the chronic pain in my shoulder that was severe enough to prevent me from carrying a handbag or my groceries.  With a combination of gentle stretching, massage, exercises and discussion, we were able to correct a complicated problem that I had been dealing with for over six years.  It took nine hours of therapy, plus dedicated efforts to do the exercises at home exactly as Zoltan suggested, but now I am pain-free and have wonderful mobility in my shoulder.  Not only am I able to do my own shopping, I successfully went wall climbing with my son for the first time in six years!”  MJ

“A friend from Park Run recommended Zoltan after I injured my knees doing speed training.  I was experiencing an aching pain constantly when I sat down for any length of time and twinges when I tried to run, after training too hard in an old pair of trainers. Zoltan was very professional and committed to finding out what the issue was and making it better.  I came for a number of sessions and the pain began to lessen and has now completely gone.  I could feel the difference in my legs as before I had hard blocks of muscle but now I can feel the different muscles in them above the knees!  He was flexible with his timetable and I cannot recommend Zoltan highly enough!”  KJ



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