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About Jonathan

During my life I have always taken pleasure in a healthy lifestyle combined with exercise and diet. I like to achieve a balance between work, home life and leisure. Massage has always been an interest of mine and I decided to do formal training to become qualified and allow me to practice professionally.
I have always found massage to be very rewarding, giving me the practitioner an inner calmness when completing a treatment.  To see my client’s happy and refreshed after a session is also very rewarding.
To create the perfect energy between myself and my client it is important to have a positive mind and spirit taking a moment before a massage to create that perfect space, leaving busy lifestyles behind...



We were both so impressed with your service and both thought Jonathan was a lovely person who did a spectacular massage. We feel heavenly this evening. Many thanks.


Jon is a great masseur! Professional, strong yet sensitive.  I love a firm massage, & he tuned right in to my body & seemed to intuitively know just how strong I needed. I will definitely come back! 


I have treatments from Jon regularly to keep my body tuned, relaxed and de-stressed. I have a stressful job and work at a computer all day so the holistic massage I get from Jon really helps to loosed up the tension in my muscles and leaves me totally relaxed. He has an amazing touch and his hands seem to feel exactly where they need to focus and work on those muscles that need it, whilst soothing the rest of me into a blissful state.


I have been troubled with neck pain and stiffness with subsequent headaches for most of my adult life. As a result, I have been to my fair share of physios, osteopaths and chiropractors. Most get the situation under control and within a few days the headache subsides. On rare occasions, I have seen a ‘physio’ and walked in to the room with a headache, then walked out without one.
Such was the case with Jon. I had been troubled with a progressive headache for the better part of 3 weeks when I saw Jon, but left the headache behind when I left the room. To say I was delighted is an understatement. I remain headache free more than 2 weeks after seeing him.
Jon was friendly, courteous, professional and sympathetic to my situation, but more to the point, effective. I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone with muscle strain or even just for a relaxing massage.


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