Therapies offered

Facials includes neck, shoulder and face massage. (Please note that products used are vegan, are free from harmful chemicals and freshly made in the UK)

Reiki - Both 1:1 & distance Reiki available

Holistic Body Massage

Pregnancy Massage

Home Studio - Waterloo (Appointment only - No Drop-in bookings)


Tel. 07956803224


Availability - Tuesday , Wednesday, Saturday & Sunday

Eileen is a member of the Reiki Academy

She is registered with CtHA (Complementary Therapists Association) and can be found on Embody

She is also registered with the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council)

About Eileen

Eileen first heard about Reiki around 16 years ago during a family visit to Ireland. Her cousin’s wife said she had learnt Reiki and was saving a fortune in vet’s bills as she was giving Reiki to the cows on the farm. On returning from that holiday, Eileen looked into this as it sparked an interest in her and thereby started her journey into Reiki and she now holds a Reiki Diploma. She has had great results from this gentle but powerful treatment as you can see from the testimonials. Reiki can done as a 1:1 treatment but can also be done as a distant treatment.

Eileen has an interest in skincare and in 2018 undertook training in Facials and Facial skincare and it was the massage element of this training that led her to want to do more massage and she then went on to study Anatomy and Physiology, Holistic Body Massage and Pregnancy Massage. Her massage journey is continuing as she is studying Aromatherapy and will be able to offer this as a treatment from May 2020.

Eileen is also a volunteer complementary therapist at a large London hospital working with cancer patients.

Eileen’s passion is working with each person on a holistic basis, looking at clients as a whole person and not just looking at the back ache you might have – so treatments are not a ‘one size fits all” as everyone has different requirements. She therefore offers a “pick and mix” of treatments and clients love this especially if they cannot decide what treatment to have – a mini facial with facial massage followed by a 30 minute Reiki treatment is very poplar. 



My face is glowing and looks and feels amazing. JL

WOW – what a deeply relaxing treatment as some reiki was given while the face mask was on. I fell asleep and was snoring! SMM


I had been having awful headaches/migraines for some months. I had a couple of mini sessions followed by some distance sessions and amazed that I am now free of this pain. Thanks so much. RR

I had a very stiff neck and could barely move it. Eileen gave me a reiki treatment and immediately afterwards I was able to move my neck far more freely allowing me to work at my computer. CA

I was on strong meds for back pain caused by a bad car accident I had many years ago. The pain interrupted my sleep and I would take strong meds overnight. I was so surprised that after the first treatment I slept all through the night and in fact overslept and was late for work!!! The relief was so great that I continued with treatments but via distance treatments and again was amazed this could work when I am not even in the same room as Eileen. I often fell asleep during treatments. DE


I had some lower back pain that was niggling away. Eileen gave me some massage treatments and that pain has now gone. Besides that it was also deeply relaxing and I had a great sleep. JI

I arrived at Eileen’s very stressed out, talking “ten to the dozen” about work problems and was soon relaxing in the calming set up Eileen has, with nice lighting, a salt lamp, diffuser and calming music – the room smelt lovely. After a treatment I was completely relaxed and the issues with work were far from my mind. The difference that hour made was like night and day. Love it and have been back for more as its my relaxation and down time.


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