Ergonomic Body Therapy

As an Employer who wishes to remain relevant in today's dynamic business environment you understand the impact of workforce health on your business; as a result a health and well-being program should remain a core component of your organizational health strategy.

But some company bosses are recognizing that their strategies and programs aren't as effective as they could be. Weak employee engagement in programs, inadequate budgets and insufficient metrics are hindering program effectiveness.
Here at City Massage London we are the link that will guide you in your efforts to develop a modern employee value proposition and deliver a meaningful employee experience. Doing both effectively will go a long way toward reducing turnover, improving engagement levels and increasing productivity and financial performance.

Necessity Not Luxury

Do you find yourself staring at a screen, feeling jaded with stiff shoulders and a neck that feels like it's set in concrete?
The work we do in the two or three hours when our attention is at its strongest, are really what defines our productivity.
A few minutes away from the screen with an Ergonomic Body Therapy treatment will re-focus your attention and keep you fresh for the rest of the day.
The unique techniques of Ergonomic Body Therapy softens the muscle tissue, realigns the posture and increases blood-flow to the brain.
This has huge effects in terms of how much of our brain is engaged.
The benefits are long term, invest in a course of 4 or 8 sessions that will build on the previous until that crunchy head, neck and shoulders feeling will be gone forever!

Please take a look at our 'Corporate Wellness Report' where you will find all the information you require.

There is also a short video below that will illustrate some of the techniques used in an 'Ergonomic Body Therapy' treatment.

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