10 minutes per day

A recent article in The Times newspaper (Friday 10th Jan) asks 'When was the last time you sat down undistracted and undisturbed?'
It says further that ' meditation is simple a technique to provide you with the optimum conditions for practising the skill of mindfulness.' and 'meditation has been shown to relieve anxiety, stress and even pain.'

In the article, Andy Puddicombe, the founder of 'Headspace' says ' It describes an underlying sense of peace, a feeling of fulfilment or unshakeable contentment, no matter what emotion might be in play at that time.'

Meditation can go a long way to help those with insomnia and other stress related conditions.
Its not something mystical or complicated, in fact its the simplest thing one can do.

Making the decision to meditate is a great step towards improving the quality of your life.


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