Address the stress

Stress is like water in a glass

Most people start their day with an empty glass, many start glass 1/4 or 1/2 full.
As the day goes on like water filling a glass, stress is added,- burnt the toast, can't find the keys, woke late...... and that's before you leave the house.

By the time you make it through the rush hour and get to work your glass of stress is filling fast, we do things across the day to calm down which is equivalent to emptying the glass, but more often than not those levels are soon back up and RISING. Before you know it the glass is over flowing.
There are many ways to reduce the stress, but it is never a one off thing... there is no quick fix.
Taking 'you' time is so valuable.

Before I started my career in health and well-being, I was extremely stressed, but I learnt that we all need 'you' time.

I was given two bits of advise that changed my life

1. Take 10 mins out of your work day, out of the "office" and with out your phone, that way you don't swap one set of stress for another.
2. Do something that calms you down and do it regularly, mine was to take massage but there are many ways.

I still do both 7 years on and feel so much better for it.

Change your habits and improve your life.

Address YOUR Stress.


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