What is No Hands® Massage?

A relatively new approach to massage bringing great results

All around the UK members of the public are waking up to one of the quietest revolutions to hit the alternative and complementary medicine scene – NO HANDS Massage.

This simple approach (the hands are not used!) is being hailed as“The New Massage” of the 21st Century and is claimed to be many times more powerful and effective than conventional Massage.

The approach allows the therapist to deliver a massage to suit the requirements, whether it be a gentle nurturing or a invigourating structural one, with zero strain to either party.

Conceived and developed by UK practitioner, Gerry Pyves (after injuring both his hands on the same day!) it is the fastest growing Massage with over 500 practitioners already using it in the UK alone.

Gerry Pyves, says:
Within one hour I had injured both my hands from the strain of Massage. In despair I slumped onto my client and found that the forearms were actually softer and more powerful than my hands. Over the next 20 years (and ¼ million treatments!), I developed this totally new approach

All NO HANDS practitioners are trained and licensed by Gerry Pyves so that this powerful approach does not become diluted or plagiarised.
He writes: I wanted to give the public a way of finding powerful deep and gentle massage that is professional, safe and reliable.
If it carries the NO HANDS trademark then you are guaranteed high quality professional Massage.


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