Corporate massage- Can it make a difference?

Corporate massage - can it make a difference?

We've all been there, hunched over the computer, watching the clock as the afternoon wears slowly on, sinking further into the chair as an interminable meeting winds it way forward, before finally leaving the office feeling exhausted. So is it possible that 10 to 15 minutes of regular massage might make all the difference? The evidence is increasingly saying that it can. Here's why.

Muscle fatigue, particularly in the neck, shoulders and back, is a common side effect of office working, and one which many people guard against through regular exercise away from their computer screens and desk. But massage can offer much deeper relief to tense and fatigued muscles than exercise alone, helping workers to feel much more comfortable during the periods they spend at their work stations. There is also growing evidence that while it's not a treatment for a medical condition, the relaxation induced by massage reduces stress and therefore blood pressure and even, in some reported cases, reduces pain in arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome sufferers. Allowing 15 minute breaks for a massage might seem like an expensive investment, but the boost in morale more than compensates and makes corporate massage both time and money well spent. One company found that after a workplace back massage, staff suffering regular back pain reported a staggering 48% reduction in pain. Others found that recuperation after surgery was not only physically helpful, but also supported them in their return to work after time off.

The benefits aren't, of course, just physical - massage can also have significant psychological benefits. Relaxed workers show increased energy levels; stress reduction is proven to lead to less absenteeism, and an increased feeling of well-being boosts the immune system. It all adds up to a company that can be more productive, maybe even giving it that all-important competitive edge. A study which compared workers having a 15 minute rest break with those receiving a 15 minute massage in London found that the ability of the latter group to solve maths problems was much higher. The conclusion is clear - massage isn't just about time to relax, it also enhances problem solving and creative thinking skills.

Beyond the office environment, people receiving corporate massage have reported enjoying a much better night's sleep which has left them feeling more ready to engage in the challenges of their working day. Improvements in posture over time have also been mentioned - massage appears to realign the spine more effectively than exercise alone.

So the benefits of corporate massage are beyond question. And while paint balling, climbing and extreme physical activity are all ways through which companies offer stress reduction opportunities to their staff, massage is one, as yet underused, alternative means of achieving the same outcome. At the end of the day, healthy workers are happy workers, and that can only be good for team work, productivity and, ultimately, the success of your business.

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits is the opportunity it gives you, as an employer, to say thank you to your staff. It might be just 15 minutes, but the benefits are huge and a win-win for everyone. There's no greater feeling for an employee than the knowledge that they're valued, and no greater gain for an employer than seeing happy, productive staff creating a successful business together.


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